Real Results

I think its time we hear from someone else talk about my work rather than me!

Client Testimonials

Steve West – Head of Facilities

Clearly Sandy has an extensive background within this sector, demonstrated through the quality of candidates presented.

Right from the start you realise that Sandy brings an unconventional approach to recruitment. She listens, understands your requirements and doesn’t waste your time putting the wrong people in front of you. Thanks to her, we have successfully appointed candidates who fit seamlessly within our culture!

Malcolm Allan – Passionate, Energetic & Purposeful Leader

Sandy is not your traditional recruiter, which is exactly what you need in this modern world

I have worked with Sandy for sometime within the Facilities Services Industry and she has excellent knowledge of the market and the people.

Sandy is exceptional at understanding your needs and the requirements of the hiring company and translating that into the skills, competencies, experiences and behaviours of the ideal candidate.  She also has the uncanny ability of always being able to “gel” with the candidate and really digging into their desires and capabilities.

Sandy has the ability to see well and truly outside the box and will always include a candidate that on the surface doesn’t match your ideal profile but often is the person that you hire.

Paul Huggins – Managing Director, Facilities Management

Sandy has good knowledge of the levels of the team required for the industry and the feeder markets to focus on

 Sandy is engaged with your business needs, more interested in the detail of the fit than just placing for the sake of a fee. I would not hesitate to recommend Sandy. She is engaged and doing a good job to understand the industry needs.

Claire Hanrahan – GM Facilities Management

All candidates that Sandy has assisted me with placing have worked out extremely well

Sandy takes the time to thoroughly understand and immerse herself in the detail of the role that she is recruiting for and is particularly adept at pinpointing the unique attributes a candidate will require.  She takes the time to develop the relationship with the hiring manager so she in in-sync with both the requirements of the organisation and the hiring manager.

Having worked in the FM sector herself, Sandy has a solid understanding of the industry and the types of people that fit well within it when recruiting for roles. 

Sandy has the ability to think outside the square and has on occasions offered candidates for me to consider who on first glance would not appear to be a fit but on further reflection they had relevant and transferable skills which made them ideal candidates.

I have had only positive experiences with Sandy so would thoroughly recommend her.

Candidate Testimonials

Ross Cameron – General Manager

If you are thinking about using her services I would seriously consider giving her a go.

Sandy was professional and engaging throughout the entire process,  she was open and honest and clearly stated what the reality was. Sandy has a good in-depth knowledge of the industry and an understanding of the personal requirements to fit the role in this particular industry.
If you are thinking about using her services I would seriously consider giving her a go.
Lesleyann Amosa – Continuous Improvement Professional

Sandy has an outstanding reputation in the business, and the candidates that she has placed are now the core thriving leadership in the business

The experience that I had with being placed by Sandy was one of the most informative and enjoyable experiences.  Treated like a professional, I was provided with in-depth knowledge of the culture of the business and where I would best thrive in relation to my skills and experience.

If you want the business results that you have so far been unable to achieve, trust Sandy, she has a six sense with providing you exactly what you need but it won’t be what you think, otherwise you would have it already.

Rebecca Laird – Facilities Management Professional

I would happily recommend Sandy to both friends needing assistance and companies looking for recruitment support

Sandy was always enthusiastic and positive when I spoke with her and encouraged me to value myself and be confident with my value. She had a good understanding of the industry and was able to advise me on how facilities management fit into the role I was applying for.

Sandy will always put your interests first and do all that she can to support you and ensure the role you are placed into is the best fit for you as the candidate.  She is always friendly and treats you with respect.  She also offers good advice/suggestions and will always encourage you to be your best.

I would happily recommend Sandy to both friends needing assistance and companies looking for recruitment support.

Andrew Gooddy – Facilities Management Professional

If you are in the FM sector and looking for a change or guidance then I would recommend you touch base with Sandy, her industry knowledge and attention to detail is to a very high standard.

I was first introduced to Sandy through a colleague, with having recently arrived from the UK I needed to speak with somebody who was knowledgeable about the FM industry in NZ.  It came apparent very quickly that Sandy’s knowledge of the industry was very thorough and refreshing.  Within weeks of meeting her I was introduced and placed into a FM business based in Auckland which I have been at for the past 7 months working on a key client in Auckland.

If you work in the FM sector and are seeking a change or guidance then I would recommend you touching base with Sandy for a chat, Sandy`s industry knowledge and attention to detail is to a very high standard.