Real People

It’s 15th Sept 2019. 10 years ago on this very day I landed in Auckland, New Zealand for an adventure of a lifetime with my husband and and two year old daughter. The adventure was beyond my wildest dreams topped by meeting some of the most incredible people in my life. Today I sit here with my husband and two daughters having very recently repatriated to the UK.

The last decade has offered me so much growth & knowledge professionally and also shown me a different way of life. I now continue to offer my services for recruitment needs locally in both NZ and the UK.

A point of difference I offer is assisting those clients in NZ that require offshore talent or those NZ business’ operating in the UK that require team members to fit in the Kiwi way of doing business. I understand the way both Kiwi’s and Brits do business.

I assist with all moving logistics, including guidance and advice to families looking to move at the initial stages, the physical move itself right through to finding a suitable home at your new destination.


Lets face it, there`s no shortage of recruiters in NZ or in the UK, yet many companies still find it incredibly tough to secure good talent, regardless of their industry.

Why? Because most recruiters look to fill a vacancy, rather than finding the person with the ability to deliver what`s needed in the role. Those recruiters may understand recruitment, but not necessarily Business

Candid is different.

Over the last 20 years I have worked in non recruitment roles across a  variety of industries and have used that experience to successfully recruit roles across all my clients` business functions.

Candid understands what the role needs to do.